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Give Your Wedding
by Raymond Cross
ISBN 9781311573193

If people can’t hear or music is poorly planned or presented weddings suffer. Learn how to manage sound amplification, music selection and presentation like the professionals.

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  Music is Ear Candy
Music at Your Wedding

 Chapter 1: Sensational Sound and Amplification

  Providing Your Own Sensational Sound
Retaining Intimacy
Use of a Hand Held Microphone
Methods of Providing Recorded Music for Your Wedding
Characteristics of Sound
The Need for Powered Sound
Volume is Not Enough

 Chapter 2:– Musical Atmosphere for a Sensational Wedding

Chapter 3: – Using Live Music in Your Sensational Wedding

  Pros Concerning Live Music
Cons Concerning Live Music

 Chapter 4: – Using Recorded Music in Your Sensational Wedding

  Managing Sound Amplification and Music Yourself
Pros of Providing Your Own Amplification and Recorded Music
Cons Concerning Recorded Music

 Chapter 5: – Hiring a DJ for Your Sensational Wedding

  Pros Concerning Using a DJ
Cons Concerning Using a DJ
The Value of Hiring a Wedding DJ

 Chapter 6: – Helping Your Sound Person or DJ

Chapter 7: – Uniquely Designed Music for Your Sensational Wedding

  Classical Music at Weddings
Crooner Songs at Weddings

 Chapter 8: – Sensational Wedding Music Suggestions

 Music Segmentation
Pre-Ceremony Music
Processional Music
Music During Signing
Recessional Music
Consider Song Length
Musical Selections
Music Redundancy
Ceremony Folder
Wedding Song Lists

 Chapter 9: — Modern Music Lists for Sensational Wedding

  Modern Processional Music
Modern Signing Music
Modern Recessional Music
Other Modern Wedding Music

 Chapter 10: — Classical Music Lists for Sensational Weddings

Classical Pre-Ceremony Music
Classical Processional Music
Bridesmaid Entrance Music
Bride Entrance Music
Classical Signing Music
Classical Recessional Music
Other Classical Wedding Music

 Chapter 11: – Christian Music Lists for Sensational Weddings